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Since 1984, Community Respite Service has helped families and people with intellectual and physical disabilities by providing quality respite in Manitoba, fostering independence and participation within their communities. CRS is a participant and family centered care organization that strives to provide quality service.


Community Respite Service Inc. provides quality respite in parts of southern Manitoba, especially Winnipeg and the Westman regions, for the caregivers of and to individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.


To provide support to caregivers and individuals in order to foster independence and participation in the community.

Community Respite Service (CRS) provides parents and caregivers of people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to take a much deserved break. We also provide support, companionship and assistance to people with disabilities whether they are living independently in their communities or with their caregivers.

Caring for a child or adult with a disability takes time, energy, and support. After rising to meet the challenge that goes with caring for someone with a disability, time off to rejuvenate becomes a necessity. For over 30 years, Community Respite Service has helped people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to function with dignity and independence.

Helping the Caregiver is our priority!

CRS is designed around the participant’s particular needs and interests. CRS listens to the needs of the individual and encourages the caregiver and participant receiving respite to be a part of the activity planning to ensure the respite is enjoyable for the participant and that the caregiver is at ease.