Respite Inquiries

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Who is Respite For?

Respite is for the caregivers of people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, who need a much deserved break now and then. We support caregivers by providing dependable respite workers so that they can take small regular breaks to rejuvenate.
We are also here to provide support, companionship and assistance to people with disabilities whether they are living independently in their communities or with their caregivers.

Many Ways to Use Respite!

Respites can take place in the participant and family home, the Community Respite Service Apartment or in the community for outings like swimming, concerts, movies, shopping or a special event. Respite can be used to encourage physical activity, teach life skills and independence, promote social activity, help with school work, and a variety of other ways.

Respite Anytime!

Respite can be available any time of day, evening or overnight – seven days a week- all year around.

How Community Respite Service Works

Office Administered Respite. CRS maintains a pool of respite workers that we match to families and participants based on availability and needs, allowing for more flexibility if a respite worker is unavailable for a specific respite request.
Self Administered Respite. Is used when the family/participant knows someone they would like to use as a respite worker. CRS will hire them as a respite worker and provide the administrative support they need and leave the responsibility of planning the respites to the family/participant and their respite worker.

Well Trained Respite Workers!

CRS prides itself on having well trained, friendly and personable respite workers that are committed to providing the best service to the people they work with. Each respite worker had a criminal record check and child abuse registry check done before being hired.
CRS Respite Workers are trained in:

  • CPR & First Aid
  • Lifting and Transferring,
  • Seizure training
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Training on family-specific needs

Ongoing training at bi-monthly staff meetings.

How to access Community Respite Service

Community Respite Service provides respite to families and participants for adults and children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities funded by the Community Living disABILITY Services Program and  Children’s disABILITY Services Program. Social workers from these programs can access our services for their families and participants by contacting their local CRS office for a referral form and enquire about the waiting list.

Respite is also available through private purchase for families and participants and to organizations.