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CRS has two ways to access respite…

Office Administered Respite

Our team approach is to have a pool of respite workers that give CRS their availabilities and then match them with participants and families on a weekly basis. CRS matches participants with a variety of workers, which ensures flexibility is achieved. CRS hires the respite workers, ensures that they are trained according to our standards and deals with any concerns that may arise. Office Administered Respite often ensures respite hours are continued even when there are worker shortages.

Self Administered Respite

Perhaps a participant or family know someone who they would like to be their respite worker. CRS can hire them and provide the participant with all the administrative supports they need. The participant and respite worker are then responsible for planning respites as per hours allotted.

Participants and families are able to access both Self Administered Respite and Office Administered Respite simultaneously, allowing for more flexibility if the Self Administered respite worker is unavailable for a specific time that respite is needed.